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Benaulim shock Ambelim in penalties

Navelim: UC Benaulim entered the quarterfinals of Jose Bento Furtado Memorial football tournament defeating Ambelim SC 7-5 via the tie breaker played at Rosary grounds, Navelim on Wednesday.

The teams played out an entertaining 2-2 draw during the regulation time.

While Joel Fernandes scored in the 6th minute, Keegan Rodrigues found the mark in the 46th minute for UC Benaulim in the regulation time, Ambelim SC came back strong in the second session to level the score through Nial Cardozo in the 50th minute and Samson Fernandes in the 67th minute.

Both the teams depended on the long ball and preferred the sudden burst into speed on quick moves which saw two goals each on either side.

Benaulim’s Cannut Fernandes and Rody Fernandes were outstainding for creating several goal scoring chances which fizzled out due to some near misses.

Ambelim’s Nial Cardozo created some threatening moves and kept the rival defence guessing for a while, but he did not get enogh support to hoodwink the rival defence and find the mark.

In the tie breaker UC Benaulim proved to be the better shooters, scoring accurately through Joel Fernandes, Vellesley Afonso, Faizasl Bepari, M Correia and Osborne Fernandes.

Ambelim SC could find the mark only through Perrison, Samson Fernandes and Leslie Fernandes. [NT]

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