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Bringing the magic back in storytelling!

In the burgeoning space of storytelling in India, there has emerged a professional from Goa who is craving a name for herself – Melina Lobo.She describes herself as a self-made businesswoman with a unique service: Storytelling, which entertains as well as educates kids to become better versions of themselves.

Melina has taken her love for reading and storytelling to a new level, decided to use her hobby to start her own business as a storyteller. Her brand, ‘Story Picnic’, is an enchanting storytelling session for kids between the ages of 2 and 12 years of age, wherein she narrates three stories with impactful morals that leave a positive impact on the child.

“Every ‘Story Picnic’ session is designed to evoke deep scientific behavioural improvement in your child,” says Melina.

Her next event is taking place at the Goa University Department of Management Studies on Thursday, October 11, from 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm. The event is ideal for children between the age of 2 and twelve years but she adds that the young at heart are always welcome.The session is aimed at making child laugh, ecstatic, emotional and leaving them with great morals and also a chance for the child to bond and mingle with the other children through the fun icebreaker sessions.

She also conducts leadership games during the session and offers a picnic hamper with toys and treats

Her main aim is to get younger children of the modern electronic world to fall in love with books and stories but most importantly to help them to become citizens the nation will be proud of.

Melina is currently pursuing her management degree in Goa, specialising in Finance. She has had a love for reading since a very young age and her room is filled with over 500 books, a testimony for her love for stories. With such vast knowledge, she is practically a human library of facts, fiction, and most importantly amazing stories. For this reason, she has been conferred the title of Story Princess. [H]

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