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Bye Daddy Bye Mummy

‘Bye Daddy Bye Mummy’, a tiatr written by Efifanio Mendes, directed by Agnelo Furtado and presented by Goa Velha Art and Cultural Association focuses on parents being irresponsible, giving children too much freedom and its dire consequences.

The curtains go up to a garden scene wherein Samuel’s (Agnelo Furtado) brother-in-law, Moises (Paulo Fernandes),is interacting with Ancia (Kitty Carvalho), who is in love with Samuel. As there’s a drift between Samuel and Ancia, Moises is out to help bring the couple together again.

But Samuel, who arrives at the scene a little later, is adamant and sticks to his decision of making his future without Ancia. Ancia pleads, but to no avail.

Samuel finally settles down with Sarika (Valancia D’Souza) and is blessed with two children, Newton (Leran Carvalho) and Malwica (Myra Carvalho). Serving as a peon in a school, Moises, who does not have children, visitsSamuel’s residence regularly and takes extra care of Newton and Malwica, like a guardian angel.

But Moises’s cautionary eye on Samuel’s children irks Sarika. Newton and Malwica also grow irritant and humiliate their uncle on one occasion in front of the principal, Fr Milagris (Daniel Caiado).

When Newton and Malwica decide to go for a fete with their friends, Samuel agrees to drop his children. But they insist upon the keys of the bike, which Sarika willingly offers. Consequence?

‘Bye Daddy Bye Mummy’ has a story to relate, with sleek direction. It also carries a small dose of suspense, which helps the plot to progress further.

As parents, Agnelo and Valancia have given a fine performance. Paulo and Kitty have extended good support to the main cast. As teens, Leran and Myra have delivered well. Daniel stands tall as the principal. Other artistes have enacted their respective roles with ease.

Nancy Vas as lawyer Minaxi is hilarious and provides a good dose of laughter pills with her hearing impairment. Her brief entries with gusto and style are worth the watch and deserve applause.

In the category of songs, solos by Efifanio Mendes, Ferbren Fernandes, duets by Efifanio and Mary, Kitty and Wesley, a duo by Myra and Andrea, a trio by Efifanio, Mary and Wesley, a quartet by Efifanio, Linete, Tomas and Leran and a choral by Myra, Andrea, Nancy and Mary were appealing to the ears. Selwyn Bragaanza and his team provided good music.

The stage sets by Alfred Mendes, which include the interior of the church and the cemetery, besides light effects by Ankita and background music by Aniket deserve a mention. [H]

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