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Chandor discusses traffic nuisance

Margao: The Chandor Cavorim gram sabha while discussing at length the issue of heavy traffic plying through the village passed a Rs 2.31 lakh surplus budget that is buoyed by an opening balance of Rs 83.45 lakh.

Many villagers raised the issue of heavy vehicles and particularly trucks carrying coal passing through the village even though the Collector has banned movement of heavy vehicles through Chandor village.

Sarpanch Edward D’Silva after revealing that the panchayat had not only written letters to various authorities but even met the Collector twice over the matter said the problem faced by the officials is lack of staff.

“The Transport Department says it can stop the movement at random but does not have the staff to check it on regular basis and same is the problem with the police,” he said while seeking people’s suggestions.

Though some villagers had suggested stopping the trucks and paralysing their movement, it was finally decided to form a Road Safety Committee which would officially deal with the matter as this committee is mandated by the law. The panchayat was empowered to constitute this committee.

The gram sabha asked the panchayat to write to the PWD, water supply, electricity department and BSNL to give designated uniforms to their staff working on the ground so that they can be identified by people as otherwise thieves enter houses claiming to be working for these departments.

The Sarpanch informed that tenders were invited to clean the drains and remove the excavated muck but the same were not opened due to the code of conduct and the panchayat was asked to seek special permission to open these tenders the moment voting is done on April 23.

The villagers also asked the panchayat to write to the neighbouring panchayats of Paroda and Sao Jose de Areal pointing out the emergence of illegal slums in their jurisdiction on the border with Chandor. The gram sabha also resolved against these illegalities which resolution would also be forwarded to the two panchayats.

Given the fact that the panchayat collects garbage from households, it was resolved that anybody from the village found dumping garbage by the roadside be fined Rs 2,000 while anybody from other village dumping garbage in the village be fined Rs 5,000.

Taking cognizance of the increasing number of illegal constructions in the village that are given electricity and water connection under the Goa Public Health Act, the gram sabha resoled to write to the Health Officer to exercise caution while releasing these connections.

It was also resolved to write to the government to amend the Public Health Act to make it mandatory to have a NOC or license from the panchayat to get water or electricity connection even if the owner of the land is not giving it. The panchayat was hauled up for asking for a new electricity transformer at Fatranmoll where most of the illegal constructions are and the villagers argued that the transformer would be helping the illegal house occupants who in any case are also registered voters in the village. [H]

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