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Conditions at Margao bus stand pathetic: GOACAN

Margao: Goacan has decried the conditions at the Margao KTC bus stand as pathetic and demanded that the bus stand be made litter free and that the authorities appoint a nodal officer to manage the affairs of the proposed new bus stand in the city.

Activists of the organisation inspected the whole bus stand and even stopped the people from using the main entrance to exit the bus stand which is in violation of the law. The activists also noted that buses park on the public road leading to the bus stand thus causing hardships to other buses waiting to enter the bus stand.

GOACAN convenor Roland Martins demanded that the government appoint a nodal officer to listen to people’s suggestions on maintaining the new bus stand; and he called for addressing the needs of senior citizens and differently-abled persons.

“The existing bus stand is a shed that was constructed temporarily 25 years back but never got replaced,” he said pointing out that the bus stand is not senior citizens friendly as there are no ramps for them to use nor is there a dedicated parking space for differently-abled persons. Pointing out that none of the stalls in the stand has dustbin, he said the bus stand has to be made litter free.

“The sitting place at the bus stand is pathetic with drivers using broken benches supported by cold drink crates,” he said pointing at the place where shuttle service drivers sit.

“Shuttle service is KTC’s bread and butter and it is time that KTC declares how many buses it has at Margao for the shuttle service as we see people standing in queues for hours together which should not happen,” he said.

Claiming out that the bus stand looks eerie after sunset as it is not well illuminated, Martins demanded at least two high mast lights be erected at the bus stand. He also demanded that there should be a police outpost with a male and female police on duty round the clock.

“It is ironic that while the prime minister talks about last mile connectivity, the last mile connectivity at Margao bus stand is a nightmare as touts proliferate in the evening offering tourist taxi and motor cycle pilot service,” he said.

Martin also pointed out that the water drinking facility at the bus stand has not been functioning for years now as a result of which people are buying mineral water bottles which leads to littering and waste management problem.

He also demanded that the alternate energy vehicles whether solar, electricity or bio fuelled be first demonstrated to the people at the bus stand and cautioned that if the local taxi drivers and motorcycle pilots are not sensitized about it they would be facing total annihilation in future.

Pointing out that KTC celebrates its annual day on Dusshera which is on October 18, he said it would be worthwhile if the government announces its budget to KTC on this day so that KTC in turn can make its plans and reveal them to the public. [H]

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