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Crack down on wrongly parked two-wheelers

It is observed that the authorities concerned are quick to take action on wrongly parked four-wheeler by clamping the wheels. But action taken against wrongly parked two-wheeler is much less and far in between. The reason for this could be that it is easier to clamp the wheels of a four-wheeler than to pick up a wrongly parked two-wheeler which requires a truck and manpower.

A two-wheeler is often seen parked in space allotted for four-wheeler parking. At times a two-wheeler is even seen parked in between two cars making it difficult for the car owner to even open the door.

It would be desirable for the authorities concerned to devise a method by which the wheels of a wrongly parked two-wheeler can also be clamped as is done for a four-wheeler. A crackdown on wrongly parked two-wheelers is absolutely necessary. [H]

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