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Don’t drink that water

Porvorim: Locals allege the PWD pipes passing through Porvorim constituency are rusted and damaged in a few places and hence this could lead to the contamination of the water.

Sources said that many of the water pipelines running through this constituency have become old and rusty which makes them susceptible to leakages when the water flows. Due to this, locals could fall prey to sicknesses.

A local from the village of Salvador-do –Mundo, told Herald the old network of pipelines which are rusted and brittle makes the water passing through it unsafe for consumption. Three days ago the PWD replaced two pipes in the village of Salvador-do-Mundo which were totally rusted and damaged. There was a leakage and hence the PWD managed to identify these pipes. Perhaps the condition of the entire pipeline on that stretch could be the same. This pipeline will be over 20 years old and at this point it could have got rusted due to the presence of saline water present there.

“Probably these rusted pipes that were recently replaced probably lead to a large number of people turning sick from Britona, especially school children who were down with fever. Whatever water we get before drinking we treat it with disinfectants brought from medical stores,” said the local.

Many locals have turned to tankers for drinking water supply. While others are buying bottled water to ensure that they do not get sick

The Porvorim MLA, Rohan Khaunte earlier had informed that barely any maintenance work is being carried out by the PWD. “The locals were already facing a problem of adequate water supply in Porvorim. Besides that the PWD pipelines are spotted to be old, broken and rusted at few places. The PWD should do their job properly and see that maintenance work is carried out continuously so the people of Porvorim are not affected,” he said.

A local doctor informed Herald that drinking water coming from rusted pipelines can cause health hazards to the locals. This should be repaired immediately so children and senior citizens will not get sick.

The villagers have demanded that the government should check, identify and replace the old pipelines on an urgent basis. After two pipes have been spotted in bad condition it is high time the entire PWD pipeline running through Porvorim constituency needs to be checked. [H]

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