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Encouraging new talent in tiatr

The first edition of Kala Academy’s tiatr competition‘B’ group was held in 2014-15 in order to encourage new talent to step onto the tiatr stage. This competition has been held for four consecutive years, evoking good response from the participating groups and the audience and is now set for its fifth edition.

This time around, the KA authorities have decided to move the 5th tiatr competition ‘B’ group to South Goa, instead of its usual venue at Kala Academy, Campal- Panjim, and will be held at Ravindra Bhavan Margao, its new venue partner. There are around 18 troupes (eight from the south and remaining from the north) participating in the competition that will take place from August 1 to September 5, 2018.

A thing of concern with the shift in venue is that majority of participating troupes are from the north and so the distance, set up and traffic congestion may cause hindrance. On the other hand, South Goa has a bigger share of tiatr fans, so this shift may work in the favour of the competition.

Addressing this decision is the Programme Officer at KA, D L Amonkar, who says that the decision to conduct the tiatr competition ‘B’ group at a venue other than Kala Academy was discussed and taken at one of the executive committee meetings. This was done to provide opportunity to the people of the south to enjoy tiatrs presented at a different level for the competition.

“The decision was to be implemented last year itself, but as the auditorium was available during those specified dates, it was held at KA,” he says.

Amonkar adds that various cultural activities organised by Kala Academy cannot be restricted to Panjim. “Those activities need to be decentralised at various other venues across the state so that a larger section of the people can benefit from it.”

“Although the Marathi nattak competition ‘A’ group is held at Kala Academy annually, the ‘B’ group is being held at Sanquelim for the last three years,” he mentions. “Likewise, the tiatr competition ‘B’ group will continue at other venues other than Kala Academy henceforth so that a larger section of the audience can enjoy them,” he notes.

A good number of tiatr fans from the south have welcomed KA’s bold step to shift the tiatr competition ‘B’ group to Margao, while others are sceptical about the initiative. According to Albano Diniz from Margao, “In order to win, one has to give their best. And in a tiatr competition, tiatr lovers get the opportunity of seeing the best. But we used to miss this mega Konkani event.

I wholeheartedly welcome this step that will help all South Goan tiatr lovers to enjoy and witness the showcase of new talent of new budding artistes.”

Silvestre Rodrigues from the UK opines that it is a good move by KA. “This will give an opportunity for the tiatr lovers of Salcete to witness the budding Konkani tiatr writers, actors and singers. As always, Salcete has been in the forefront for the love of Konkani, amchi maim bhas,” he says.

Nuvem-based Melita Afonso feels that it is a good move and the tiatr competition at Ravindra Bhavan will benefit many people in the south. “Now, the people of South Goa will not have to travel all the way to Panjim,” she adds.

Rocsan Fernandes from Ponda welcomes the new move for now entertainment will be easily accessible to tiatr lovers of the south, who otherwise had to travel a long distance. “This is also another chance for the people of the south to involve themselves in the happenings and showcase their talents with less efforts, as they can now cut down on cost and travel time,” he says.

“Some of the tiatrs staged at KA’s tiatr competition are of high quality, but it has received very lukewarm response when staged anywhere in the south,” opines Cansaulim-based Elvis Sequeira, “So let’s wait and watch,” he adds. [H]

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