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Enjoy summer picnics by keeping environment clean

As the summer season has started and the children are in their vacation time, there will be many families, friends, neighbours and relatives who will be going out to beat the summer heat in different parts of Goa. Keeping in their mind different places they will be selecting the best picnic spot to enjoy with their loved ones.

Some will go the river side, few will go to swimming pool side, many will go for fresh spring water bath, few others will enjoy on the beach side or pick their favourite spots to beat the summer heat.

When we go to enjoy our picnics we should respect the place of the said village because many of the villagers come there to wash their clothes and take a bath with their kids. We should know how to take care of our environment in a safe manner. Many of us throw the garbage here and there and after drinking alcohol they break up the bottles and leave the shards around. These can hurt or give a deep cut to the family members which come to the spot next.

It has been noticed that many of our Goan and non-Goan family members go for picnic and often start a fight over some silly things. Some throw the garbage, plastic bags and bottles everywhere near the springs and rivers. After consuming alcohol some of them think they are free to do anything they want and behave like ‘animals’.

As a good human being we should respect and love one another and be good responsible citizens of this country. Please take garbage bags along with you to keep the surrounding areas clean when going for an outing. Do not litter the eco-picnic spots. Collecting garbage like bottles, cans, plastic bags, paper/plastic plates, etc, and carrying them and keeping the bags near the allocated spots will go a long way to keep our environment clean.

Let us all work together to keep this natural public places clean and green.

Request all the village panchayat offices and the villagers to keep an eye on these people who come to visit your place. If possible try to keep the surrounding area clean by keeping garbage bins on the spots.

It is also noticed that in summer, everybody wants to park their vehicles in the shade but nobody wants to plant a tree. We all should grow saplings around us in order to keep our surroundings green and cool.

All of us feel thirsty during summer and need plenty of water to drink to keep our body temperature normal. In the same way birds and animals too require water. Please protect and save their lives by keeping water in the bowls outside your house so that they can also quench their thirst. [H]

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