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Excavation skirts PWD water tank at Bogmalo

Vasco: The excavation at Bogmalo today reached dangerously close to the balancing water reservoir of the PWD on the road side. The excavation was halted again and the operator of the machine fled the scene. The PWD has also inspected the area.

Herald had highlighted the work of excavation presently on at on the border of the air strip of Dabolim Airport in Bogmalo. The excavation today reached the water reservoir near on the Hollant-Bogmalo road junction. The operator of the excavator sensing trouble again left the machine and fled the scene. The PWD Assistant Engineer Vishwambar Bhende visited the site in the evening. The Assistant Engineer Bhende said “I was called by some local regarding this excavation. However the land in which the tank is situated is a private land of the Rangavi Estates” he said.

The Engineer further informed that the land owner had back in the days allowed the PWD to build the tank in his property and clarified that the tank is not in PWD land.

When asked whether the excavation is going to cause any damage to the tank the Engineer told “The tank looks close to the excavated site in the pictures. However it is on safe distance from the tank” he told.

The Engineer visited the site in the evening. The excavation stopped for the day after some locals raised the alarm. [H]

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