Parent teacher associations opposed to increase in school hours

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 In many schools, where parent teacher associations have held meetings and surveys, the popular opinion is opposed to the increase in school hours by half an hour, Kisan Phadte of All Goa Secondary School Teachers' Association said.
"Meetings are being held in schools across the state where parents have expressed unhappiness over the circular. In Loyola High School in Margao, a survey was carried out where 97% of the parents said that they are opposed to the increase in timings. The circular asking for the increase is only creating confusion and tension among parents and teachers and not leading to any development of the child," Phadte said.
The teachers, who have been hoping to get an audience with chief minister and education minister Manohar Parrikar, have been unable to get an opportunity to explain their view about the increase in school timings so far.
"Our 15 days time given to the directorate of education to respond to our memorandum ends on July 10. We haven't received any response from the director with regard to the circular as yet. The meeting with the chief minister has also not taken place as yet. At the end of the 15 days, if we do not get a response, we will go and meet the director ourselves to seek an answer," Phadte said.
Members of the teachers' association said that they will seek withdrawal of the circular calling for the raise in school timings irrespective of the explanation provided by the directorate of education to their memorandum seeking a 'logical' explanation for the directions.
"Why should we accept the increase in timings when they do not fit into the rules? The Right to Education rules only cover students from age 6 to 14, yet the increase has been implemented for Classes IX and X, where students are over 15 years of age," Phadte said. [TOI]

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