Surrender of Indian passport, EPIC, ration card mandatory for Portuguese citizenship

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 Cartao de Cidadao, the citizenship card issued by the Portuguese government is mandatory for seeking Portuguese passport but when any Indian gets Portuguese citizenship card paving way for a Portuguese passport, he has to surrender his ration card,
election card and Indian passport in order to complete the process and get Indian residentship permit that is renewable. He can then apply for Indian visa based on the Portuguese passport, informs a famous service provider from Salcete who guides, assists and deals in making foreign and Indian passports. It was also disclosed by the service provider that the Indian government gives life-long visa on Portuguese passport.
With craze for Portuguese passport ever growing, Salcete youth frequent such offices to inquire about the process of applying for Portuguese passports.  
“I wish to obtain a Portuguese passport to get the benefits of the European Economic Areas (EEA) which will help my children to seek higher studies. Admissions in higher studies can easily be obtained by Goans having Portuguese Cartao de Cidadao and the Portuguese passport,” said an elderly person, who visited one such office in Margao on Wednesday. He is keen on educating his two sons.
Sources disclosed that it is an easy window for Goans to reach Europe and get the citizen card unlike other states of India without much ado and expenses.
“For getting Portuguese citizenship card, the applicant should be of Goan origin; he has to prove record of residence and proof of identity. Based on these documents transcription of birth takes place and then the marriage is done. The Conservatoria  Dos Registo  Contrais -  the concern department of the Portuguese government which issues the certificate, gives Acento De Nacimento confirming the registration and then issues the Cartao de Cidadao. 
Sources said that the Portuguese passport holders can stay in India but cannot avail benefits of government schemes nor are eligible for government jobs.  
It takes four to five months for a Goan who is born before 1961 to registrar his birth and marriage in Portugal, while for those who are born post1961 it takes lesser time. Most Goans seek Portuguese passport to earn better job, sources added. However interestingly, it is learnt that the high-risk line visas are issued only after paying huge amount as security is of prime concern in certain countries. [NT]

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