Cheating plaint against couple

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Panjim police is inquiring into a complaint filed against a couple who kept their cats with Panjim Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and the cheque issued by them for the services bounced when presented to the bank. PAWS Secretary Angela Kazi has alleged that Pankaj Kumar Thakkar and Nisha Thakkar owe the organization Rs 26,700 since July this year. Initially, the cheque of Rs 16,300 for six cats’ kennelling services had bounced, she said. “They admitted six cats for kennelling on April 9. Due to a sob story of having to go to Gujarat to attend to a patient and PAWS being a welfare organization, he was given a special rate of Rs 25 per day instead of the normal Rs 100,” Kazi said in her complaint copy. 
The amount has reached Rs 26,700 till date even as there are no signs of the two persons. Kazi said the last communication was with one of his relatives but they have stopped responding to calls and changed their rental address. 
Police said they have begun an inquiry and summons will be sent to the persons. [H]

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