Only 3 dairy farmers avail subsidy for cattle shed

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There has been very lukewarm response to the infrastructure development scheme, under which a subsidy is given to dairy farmers to construct cattle shed.

The scheme, introduced by the department of animal husbandry and veterinary services in 2009,   has been availed by only three dairy farmers.

The main objective of the scheme is to facilitate the farmers in Goa to construct their own pucca cattle shed to house upto 20 animals for which the government provides a subsidy of `5000 on

each animal.

While applying for the subsidy dairy farmers should produce land ownership documents and Form I & XIV or copy of lease deed, or NoC from the property owner in case of a tenant farmer. The dairy farmers have to obtain construction licence from the concerned panchayat or municipality showing the area under construction and also a plan of the proposed cattle shed duly approved by the panchayat/municipality.

Besides, the department also takes an undertaking from the applicant farmer that in case of any property dispute the department would not be held responsible.

Several dairy farmers said that most of them construct cattle sheds on their own as they carry out their dairy farming activities on tenant land. If they want to apply for the scheme then they will have to obtain NoCs from landowners, which is a tedious process for them.

A dairy farmer Laxman Shinde from Sal said he is a tenant and his landowner refused to give NoC. So he constructed cattle shed on his own.

It is a tedious process to go through other formalities to avail the subsidy, Shinde said.

Another dairy farmer Mahadev Naik from Mayem said that he purchased animals under Kamdhenu scheme and constructed the cow shed on his own on tenant land.

Consequent to this attitude of the farmers there has been very lukewarm response to the scheme. A highly placed source in the AHVS said only three dairy farmers, who were the owners of land, have availed the cattle shed subsidy.

Earlier, the department used to provide the subsidy without asking for NoC from tenant farmers. However, this method was stopped because one of the farmers found himself in  a property dispute. The dispute was taken to court.

The source  admitted that the government was   aware of the poor response to the scheme and plans to come out with a mechanism to make the scheme workable.  

The existence of cattle shed is compulsory for those who want to  avail Kamdhenu Sudharit scheme. Preference is given for those who posses cattle shed or will build  cattle shed first, before submitting his application to avail the subsidy to purchase mulch cows.

AHVS sources clarified that Krishi card, a unique identification card for agriculture and dairy farmers, is not a legal document for the tenant farmer to stake his claim over the land. The dairy farmer has to seek NoC from the actual landowner, or he can construct the cattle shed on his own.

Almost 80 per cent of the farmers do not posses proper land documentations, the source said. [NT]


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