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Goan Fish Cutlets

Serves : 4

2     cans tuna
1     onion (chopped fine)
1   teaspoon   ginger/garlic paste
1-2     chilies
1   teaspoon   coriander powder
1/2   teaspoon   turmeric powder
2   teaspoon   parsley flakes or small bunch cilantro
1     slice bread (crust removed) cut into cubes
1   tablespoon   lime juice
1     egg
1/2   cup   semolina (rawa)
salt to taste
oil for frying

1.   Drain and flake the two cans of tuna in a bowl and keep aside.
2.   Prep your spices along with the onions and coriander to save you time while cooking.
3.   Saute the onion and chilies in a pan until golden brown.
4.   Add the ginger/garlic paste to the onions and continue frying.
5.   Next add the turmeric and coriander powder to the mix.
6.   Once done, grind the mix into a rough paste and add the lime juice to it. Keep aside.
7.   Soak the bread cubes in a bowl of water and then squeeze out all the water once soft.
8.   Combine the tuna, ground paste, bread and parsely or cilantro in a bowl.
9.   You should end up with a dry, firm mix once done.
10.   Shape the mix into round or oval shape cutlets and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
11.   Dip the cutlets in egg, and coat well with semolina.
12.   Shallow fry the cutlets in a pan with hot oil until they are a nice golden brown colour.
13.   Enjoy the cutlets as a snack, as appetizers or even as a side with lunch or dinner.

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