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World Goa Day

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GOA NSW Australia celebrated  GOA Day  on Sunday 23rd August this year. President Tony Colaco, Vice-President  Colin Pereira, Amelia Pereira, Yvette  Mackinnon were among many  others  that were   were involved in organizingthe event  & ensuring  a very successful outcome and a happy day for all attending.[goanet]

UK-based Goenkars seek to link Goan business, professionals

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Panaji: Goans International, a group that seeks to unite Goans across the world, launched its project 'Goans Professional and Business Networking' in London on August 15.

The launch was held at a starred hotel in London where the guest of honour, Keith Vaz, British MP of Goan-origin, called upon the Goan community spread across the world to harness the power of networking.

The idea for a business and professional network of Goans globally was the brainchild of Milton Rodrigues, president, Goans International and Antonio Fernandes, a veteran in the hospitality industry. Both are based in the UK.

"I hope this power of networking will be helpful within our Goan community, which although being small, is so well respected all over the world," said Vaz, speaking at the launch of the venture.

Speaking to TOI, Rodrigues said that Goans International intends to focus on hubs of Goan diaspora in places across the world. "We have over 16 years of relationships with most, if not, all of the official Goan associations and entities in the hubs - London, Toronto, Dubai, Lisbon and Goa," he said.

"We have accountants, doctors, lawyers, IT specialists, business owners, lecturers, etc. That is where the latent potential of the Goan diaspora lies. The plan, going forward, is to get like-minded professionals and leaders to have similar meetings and events not only in the United Kingdom but in Goa and every part of the world. This, hopefully, will standardize and have clearly-defined strategic goals for the Goan community to achieve in a consistent and meaningful manner," said Rodrigues.

"Goans International and our professional and business network is for all Goans, both NRGs (Non-Resident Goans) and also those in Goa. Our USP is our global reach," he added.

At the launch of the venture, its co-founder, Fernandes, who welcomed the guests, including business persons, professionals and politicians living in the UK, explained the purpose of high-power networking as a key in the business world and the need for team ideas and thoughts to reach strategic goals.

Even as the guests enjoyed a Goan buffet, Druston D'Mello, an upcoming UK artiste of Goan-origin performed, which prompted Rodrigues to add, "This is another example of developing a new generation of Goan professionals for the future."

Goans International also credits Rene Barreto of the UK and Jose Colaco of the Bahamas for starting the initiative to link Goan associations across the world, back in 1998. [TOI]

House congratulates Gomes brothers

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Porvorim: The assembly on Thursday congratulated Calangute teenagers Rishi and Amon Gomes for having stood second and third respectively in the junior foreign category national supercross championship 2015. The house also wished success to the Gomes brothers as they represent India at the FIM Asia motorcross championship 2015 in Malaysia from August 14 to 15. Sports minister Ramesh Tawadkar praised the duo and their father Ashley Gomes for their achievement in the adventure sport at such a young age.[TOI]

Russian acquitted for murder, jailed for assault

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Panaji: Acquitting a Russian national Alexander Ippolitov charged for murder of an Ukrainian national, additional sessions court, Mapusa, sentenced him to undergo nine months imprisonment for causing hurt to the deceased and a Russian lady with a metal stick in 2013 at Ashvem.

On January 21, 2013, at about 9pm at Ashvem, the accused assaulted one Ukrainian national Oskar Kayumov with a metal stick on his head and other parts of his body. Police said that the accused pushed Oskar and threw him down from the first floor of the building to the ground, causing him injuries which resulted in his death. The accused was charged with having thereby committed the offence of murder by intentionally causing death of the deceased.

The accused was also charged for beating the complainant, a Russian national Veronika Semikras, with the metal stick causing her injuries and thereby committed the offence of voluntarily causing hurt by a dangerous weapon.

In the absence of any eye witness account of the accused pushing Oskar from the terrace of the first floor, it appears that Oskar accidentally fell from the first floor terrace to the ground sustaining injuries which resulted in his death, additional sessions judge Desmond D'Costa observed.

While holding that it is crystal clear from the memorandum of autopsy that these two injuries that caused the death of Oskar, were due to his falling from the terrace of the first floor to the ground, the judge noted that the evidence of panch witnesses also prove that the accused had also fallen on the ground and he also sustained injuries.

The judge ordered, "The accused stands convicted of the offence under Section 324 of IPC, for voluntarily causing hurt to Semikras and late Oskar by assaulting them with a metal stick, causing them injuries and the accused however stands acquitted of the offence of murder, punishable under Section 302 IPC."

The prosecution examined six witnesses in support of its case. Public prosecutor A Talaulikar submitted that there is cogent evidence to prove that the accused had pushed Oskar from the terrace of the first floor, and had thereby intentionally caused his death.

On the other hand, advocate V Varma for the accused contended that the late Oskar Kayumov had accidentally fallen from the terrace of the first floor and no offence of murder is made out against the accused. He submitted that other witnesses examined are not trustworthy and their depositions do not inspire confidence and hence the accused should be acquitted of both offences.

Semikras in her deposition said that Oskar and the accused had sat together for about one hour on the second floor terrace on the building and they were listening to music and about 9pm, the accused took one metal stick in his hand which was lying on the floor of the terrace, and assaulted her on her right side. She further deposed that the deceased had tried to calm him down but he was aggressive and started assaulting Oskar with a metal stick on his head and other parts of the body. [TOI]

UK tourists shy away from Goa

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Panaji: Stating that the government is maintaining law and order in the touristic spots and further controlling crimes, which have put off the visits by foreign tourists to Goa, Minister for Tourism Dilip Parulekar on Wednesday told the state legislative assembly that the number of international tourists arriving in the state is on the rise, and the first chartered flight of the forthcoming tourist season is expected to touch down in Goa by October 10.

He also informed that the central government has given clearance to the state government to reduce the e-visa fee charged at the Dabolim airport from the British tourists, under the visa-on-arrival scheme/ e-tourist visa scheme.

Earlier, Bharatiya Janata Party legislator from Calangute Michael Lobo brought to the notice of the House that the rape and murder of the British teenager, Scarlett Keeling, besides rising incidents of bag snatching as well as ‘hassles’ along the beach areas and the garbage menace are pushing the international tourists away from Goa. He also stated that the number of tourists from United Kingdom visiting Goa has come down, from the days when 1.80 lakh to 1.90 lakh British tourists used to visit the state annually.

Lobo further maintained that the slide of ruble as compared to the dollar has prevented Russian tourists from visiting Goa, as has also the appeal by Russian President Vladimir Putin to the residents of Russia, to visit touristic places in their country itself and save the money from going out of Russia. He further stated that very high e-visa fee charged from the British tourists arriving in Goa, has made them move to other places.

However, stating that altogether 4,50,530, 4,92,322 and 5,13,592 foreign tourists had visited Goa during the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, respectively, the Minister of Tourism stated that during these three years, in all 1,19,891, 1,45,431 and 1,46,380 British tourists arrived in the state. “Furthermore, Dabolim airport being of the nine airports in the country chosen to provide facility under the visa-on-arrival scheme/ e-tourist visa scheme from November, last year, now provides the said facility to tourists from 77 countries,” he added, pointing out that the state has since provided the facility to 20,000 foreign tourists.

It was also informed that 36 more countries would soon be added to the list of the particular facility. The e-visa is being made available to the desiring tourists for a period of one month.

Parulekar also admitted that that there is disparity in the fee charged for providing e-visa to the international tourists by the state government, and the Centre has given a green signal to reduce the same. “Presently, we charge e-visa fee of £105 per tourist arriving from UK, while $30 from others including tourists from the US,” he noted.

The Tourism Minister mentioned that the government is planning to hold ‘fam trips’ or familiarisation trips to Goa for media persons as well as representatives of the travel companies from various countries. “These people will visit Goa on a sponsored trip, go back to their respective countries and write about the state in their newspapers, magazines, blogs and so on,” he observed, informing that Air Arabia has agreed to bear the travel cost, Travel and Tourism Association of Goa will shoulder the accommodation cost in four-star as well as five-star hotels, while some well-known restaurants will take care of the food.

St Andre legislator Vishnu Wagh maintained that most of the international tourists are interested in heritage tourism, and the state should therefore, focus of such tourism.[NT]


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