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Khori Girestkai

‘Khori Girestkai’, a tiatr written and directed by Leticia Mascarenhas and presented by Matias Creative group, Calangute, focuses on parental neglect, drug addiction, suicide and reunion of family.

The curtains open to a prison scene wherein Freddy (Domnic Pereira) is being beaten up by an inspector (Bhushan P Salkar). Investigations begin with regard to the untimely death of Freddy’s girlfriend, Suzan (Nivette D’Souza). Freddy confesses that he is not involved and has not committed the murder of Suzan.

In a flashback, Freddy is enjoying a party with his friends, including his fiancée Suzan, at his residence. Mr Nice (Sijoy Coelho), who is a drug supplier, steps in. Over a tussle, Suzan insults Mr Nice and he sets out, seeking revenge.

Freddy’s parents, Daniel (Johnson Pereira) and Jessica (Ana Maria Cardozo), who were abroad, return home unexpectedly. They are stunned to note that their only son is in an intoxicated state. When they question his actions, he experiences parental neglect and decides to leave the house.

What happens to Freddy? Is he able to make a future for himself with his fiancée? This forms the rest of the tiatr.

‘Khori Girestkai’ is a fine scripted tiatr with sleek direction. It carries a good dose of suspense, with twists and turns after every scene. Except for a few hiccups here and there, it was a good presentation.

As guardians, Johnson and Ana Maria stand tall and are in command throughout the play. Domnic and Nivette play their respective roles with ease. Sijoy Coelho delivers his negative character with gusto. Bhushan, Pedro Joaquim Cardozo and Brian have extended good support to the main cast. Other artistes with minor roles have been quite supportive.

Joseph D’Cunha as MP entertains with his witty dialogues and body language. His presence and swift movements on stage reminded the audience of Mr Bean.

The stage sets by Kapil Chari deserve appreciation, but the properties could have been utilised to the fullest. The background music by Louis Mascarenhas and light effects by Mark Fernandes also deserve a mention.

In the category of songs, solos by Jovito Mascarenhas, Stacy Mesquita and Salu, duo by Joseph and Salu, duets by Domnic and Stacy Mesquita, Ana Maria and Joao Luis, a trio by Stacym Leticia and Matilda, a quartet by Joao Luis, Ana Maria, Domnic and Nivette carried good messages. But among all the songs, the concluding choral by Nivette, Bonny, Stacy, Leticia, Joao Luis, Brian, Shelber, Jason, Joseph, Savio and Sejoy evoked good response from the audience. Music by Vitorin Araujo and his team was appealing to the ears. [H]

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