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Khot’, a tiatr written by Bernard Fernandes and directed by Jayanti Valana Fernandes, throws light on adoption, sin of commission and forgiveness.

While attending the annual feast at Bandra, Mumbai, Silvestre (Peter Ferrao) and Presy (Maria da Costa) find a lost child in the fair. As the couple is blessed with a son, Stanley (Dryden Rodrigues), and they do not have a daughter in the family, they decide to adopt Daisy (Jayanti Fernandes).

The couple love their son, who runs a farmhouse, and shower the same love on their adopted daughter.

Stanley however, does not see Daisy as a sister but develops a romantic interest in her. Initially, Daisy does not give in and considers Stanley as a brother. While the one-sided love continues for quite some time, one day, on Valentine’s Day, when Silvestre and Presy are away for the day, Daisy expresses her love for Stanley and they consummate their relationship. Daisy ends up pregnant.

On the other hand, Francis (Lawrence D’Silva) and Teresa (Lavina Rodrigues) are in search of their lost daughter. Teresa almost turns insane and is under medication. As Silvestre and Presy have respect in society, Daisy refuses to tarnish their name and decides to commit suicide. When she goes to throw herself under a train, Francis saves Daisy and provides her shelter in his house. When living with the couple, many truths get unveiled in the due course of time.

In an attempt to find a life partner for Stanley, Silvestre contacts his school mate, Francis. This connection in turn, brings about a lot of twists.

‘Khot’ has a story to relate, with flashback and developments at every fold. It carries a fine script with sleek direction. Except for three artistes from the commercial stage, all the other artistes were amateurs from the village of Benaulim and gave fine performances.

As parents, Peter and Maria, Lawrence and Lavina have played their respective roles with gusto. Dryden and Jayanti as siblings are apt to their characters, but the latter wins the hearts of the audience during the second half of the show. Jessie, Abdon and Fianna have extended good support to the main cast.

In the comic acts, Florence and Inacio, Sydney and Janacy in two different families entertain with some good laughter pills. The quartet is a treat to watch.

In the category of songs, chorals as the opening chorus and another in the second half were a treat to the ears. Except for some of the singers roped in from the commercial stage, solos by Jonathan Baretto and Avira Fernandes, duo by Jonathan and Joshua, duet by Eckliy and Lerissa, trio by Joshua, Veryl and Anyel and a quartet by Anyel, Veryl, Joshua and Jonathan were appealing.

The stage sets by Blyons Antao and sound design by Saish Deshpande, besides the light design by Tony Gonsalves deserve a mention.

Live music to songs and cantos by Theo Alvares, Senon de Souza, Wilbur, Nevil and Xavier Fernandes was pleasing. [H]

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