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Lampposts on NH17 opposite Neo Majestic withering off

Porvorim: Lampposts erected along the National Highway 17, between Hotel Neo Majestic and a little before the petrol pump, at Porvorim have been found collapsing frequently.

Three weeks ago, a lamppost had fallen along the road just in front of Hotel Neo Majestic, but it has not been cleared till date.

Few commuters that Herald spoke to, for eliciting their views on the condition of the lampposts, vented their anger and frustration at the state of the lampposts along this stretch.

A regular commuter Sonal Naik acknowledged that many of the lampposts in Porvorim have been falling frequently; the fallen posts left to rust for days together.

“The government erects fancy lights, but does not bother to maintain them. In the last one year, I have seen these lampposts breaking into two halves and falling down. Yet, it looks like it has not caught the eyes of the authorities concerned,” she lemented.

Another commuter said that the streetlights are not maintained anywhere in Goa. “Some do not work, while others remain lit the entire day,” she observed.

According to a PWD official, the maintenance and repair works of these lampposts are to be carried out by the Public Works Department (PWD) division IV, Tonca- Caranzelem.

The Executive Engineer of the Public Works Department (PWD), Division IV, told Herald that his division had installed these lights and was looking after their maintenance, but not it has been taken over by Division VII. “They are widening the highway and have disconnected wires of most of the poles. Some lamp posts have also been removed in this process,” the Executive Engineer said.

Another PWD official told Herald that the lampposts erected in front of Hotel Neo Majestic were taken over by Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) for the bridge purpose.

“According to me, currently PWD Division IV has nothing to do with these lampposts as it is under the control of GSIDC. Some lampposts had been removed for the construction of the new Mandovi Bridge,” he said agreeing that these lampposts are dangerous to commuters. [H]

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