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Late Night Thunderstorms Keep Social Media Abuzz

The intervening night of May 9-10, 2018 saw Goa witness perhaps the most intimidating thunderstorms in a long time yet. The heavy showers that followed, apart from briefly causing power failures, gave enough fodder for Goans to keep social media buzzing with status updates and posts about the severity of the thunderstorm and its effect on various parts of Goa, peppered with a hint of humour.

Nupura Hautamaki, a writer based out of Saligao, was one of the early ones to take to Facebook to report the aftermath of the thunderstorm. Nupura wrote in her post, “Goa finally had its first crazy and non stop rain showers – the smell of wet mud after the first rains or petrichor as linguists would say.

Our dogs (were) also all excited about the rains and jumping around and trudging muddy paw prints all over the house, birds chirping away, thunder and lightning all of last night that I seemed to have happily slept through, but an overall happy feeling, not to mention that not missing the electricity that has been gone for hours since it is so nice and cool today.

Love the Goa life!” Many others were completely oblivious to the phenomenon as they slept through it all, only to learn about it from friend the next day. Akshay Prabhu Tendulkar, a resident of Borim in Ponda, posted, “Looks like I belong to the race of the great ‘Kumbhakarna’ or I may be his direct descendent. So many people awake since last night due to thunder/power cuts/lightening/rain. I realised that all this happened last night when mom woke me up #SleepIsBae.”

While most were just happy that it finally rained, bringing in respite from the scorching heat that has gripped the state for the last couple of months, a few others were not too pleased. A few trees and lamp posts succumbed to the wrath of the thunderstorm and therefore resulted in traffic jams and power failures in most parts of the state. Others, fresh with the experience of watching the superhero movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, likened the phenomenon to the fury of one of the characters, Thor – the thunder god.

Many took to Facebook to complain of the disrupted electricity supply. Power supply continued to be disrupted in most parts across North and South Goa even till the late hours of afternoon the next day, making it somewhat unbearable. Popular DJ, Rinton D’Souza, in a lighter vein, suggested a solution as he posted: “Those complaining or facing electricity problems, head to the closest ATM.” [H]

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