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Listening To The Rhythm Of Nachom-IA Kumpasar

The film ‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’ (Let’s Dance to the Rhythm
) has won numerous global awards.

These include the silver medal for best music and original score at the Global Music Award (US) in 2015, winner for best original score at the Lombardy International Film Festival (2015), the Golden Reel award for best musical film at the Tiburon International Film Festival (2016) in CA, USA, Winner of Best Music at the United International Film Festival (2016) in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival (2016) and the Vienna Independent Film Festival (2016).
Above all, it made its way to the Oscar Award contention list, where it was shortlisted for Best Original Score and Best Picture.Now it’s time for the music of the film, which is in essence the unsung hero of ‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’, to get its due accolades. The compilation comprises 17 songs re-rendered by Cielda Pereira, Palomi Ghosh, Jackson, VP Mishra and Ester Noronha.

The unique amalgamation of Jazz and Konkani in the timeless compositions of Chris Perry and Lorna will now live on for future generations of Goans worldwide. It has also appealed to music lovers globally, who, despite the language barrier, have had their hearts captured by the rhythm.

The music of Chris and Lorna made its humble journey from Mumbai to balcãos all over Goa before then travelling to East Africa, the UK, North America and throughout the world; wherever Goans migrated to, they took these soulful memories with them.

The songs successfully capture the hierarchy of Goan music and artistes who essentially made Mumbai (then Bombay) their stepping stone to greater success via the Indian film industry. Sadly, their craft was never recognised, their talents relegated into background music, and their names obliterated by the bigger musicians and superstars of Bollywood.

Bardroy collaborated with master music composer Ronnie Monsorate and Jacob (Jackson) Pereira, who re-arranged these evergreen classics along with an eclectic band of veteran musicians – masters of their craft – on trumpets, saxophones, guitars, pianos, trombone, flute and strings, who would eventually not only resound the creativity and forte of Chris Perry’s classics, but also make it appealing to a brand new audience. Acute care was taken to make all the songs sound true and inherent to that era.

The meticulously chosen soundtrack of Bardroy’s film is emotional, melodramatic and at times caustic in its approach, capturing our aural attention with a loving tribute of Goa wrapped up within a ‘true’ love story between two Goans, one a young female singer, and the other a married musician.

This ‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’ limited edition release will now make the world dance to its tunes. Be it at a parish feast, house blessing, christening, communion, or even the epilogue of a musical Goan soul. [H]

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