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Maina, Curtorim celebrates Handdi Khuris feast today

Historically, Goa is known as a spiritual place with churches, temples and other religious structures abounding the whole state. Normally, no inauguration of any venture, project or agricultural practice takes place without invoking God’s blessings.

One such occasion whereby we experience the connection between religion and the agricultural practices is seen very prominently at the time of banning the handdi (sluice gate) of the Maina Lake at Curtorim.

Maina, a part of Curtorim village is topographically bestowed upon with a sloppy gradient of about 8 metres from the southern part to the northern end whereby the rain water from the upper regions naturally flows towards the northern side, which is stored in a pond built around the sixteenth century which is historically known as “Sonbem Tollem” or Maina Lake.

Later on, a small Cross was built near the handdi, to invoke its blessings and to ward off the evil spirit and prayers were held at the Cross when the handdi was banned.

As years went by, the Cross was replaced by a laterite one, which was recently replaced by a newer & bigger structure.

Today, the lake has gained great importance owing to a large variety of migratory birds which come even from the Arctic region, which is a great treat to the bird watchers. [H]

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