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Margao school asks collector to close road in front

Margao: The Popular High School in Margao has requested the Collector of South Goa to issue an order permitting them to close the road in front of the school during the school hours. The current Order only allows the school to close the road for an hour in the morning when the school opens and for an hour in the afternoon when the school closes.

A parent informed Herald that the school began closing the road because the vehicles passing along the road pose a threat to students. Therefore contrary to the current Order, the school has been blocking the road for around six hours.

The shops next to the schools are unhappy with the school for blocking the road since they believe it causes traffic jams along the other roads in the area.

Interestingly, since 1931 when the school was established, the land between the two old Portuguese era structures from where the school operates used to be an ordinary dirt ground of the school. When kids used to play on the ground, dust would rise and enter the classrooms which is why the management decided to have the ground asphalted.

Unfortunately, over the last couple of decades, instead of acquiring more area for the school, the government allowed unplanned development by granting licenses for the construction of commercial complexes which don’t have sufficient parking spaces. There are also no open spaces in this part of Comba area. Therefore, school children have to compete with private vehicles for the small piece of road on which they conduct the assembly and play during recess.

School Sources informed Herald that they have written to the collector requesting him to grant permission to close the road during the entire school hours. The order is yet to be issued. [H]

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