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Medical Insurance Or Election Insurance Scheme.

What was the hurry in launching the scheme when it is not fully ready and when cards will be issued two-and-half months from now?Private hospitals have not yet been empanelled. Rates for treatment of ailments have been fixed. Have private hospitals agreed to the rates when they have not even been taken into consideration when formulating the scheme?Will the private hospitals be allowed to charge their existing rates to medi-claim holders? If they have to follow scheme rates, they will have to charge the differential from the patient. Poor patients cannot pay.This challenges the basic DNA of the scheme – Universal Medical insurance.People were getting free treatment in GMC anyway. With the majority of ailments eligible to be treated only at GMC, where is the benefit for the patient?How will the load on GMC be reduced when most of the ailments listed have to be compulsorily treated at GMC?How much will the government get from the annual Rs 150 crore which will be paid to the insurance company? Why is there is no transparency on whether patients will have the freedom to choose the hospital? [H]

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