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Milk and milk products will now be under surveillance

Panjim: In the backdrop of over lakhs of sub-standard milk being seized in Maharashtra, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has directed the state food authorities in the country to maintain complete surveillance on milk and milk products during this festive season.

The country’s apex food regulator has also given a list of adulterants, along with the notice, wherein it has explained each adulterant and its specific use in milk and milk products, as a reference for the enforcement purpose.

“Public confidence in the safety and quality of milk and milk products is low. With low shelf life, milk and milk products are prone to spoilage if these are not stores and handled properly. There are instances of few unscrupulous elements, diary businesses indulging in acts of adulteration. Such cases of adulteration often increase during festival season when the demand for milk and milk products outstrips supply,” Joint Director (Regulatory Compliance Division) Daya Shankar said in the letter.

FSSAI said that while economically motivated adulteration of milk products invariably results in cheating of consumers, use of certain types of adulterants can also lead to a negative impact on their health. “At the same time, heavy microbial contamination and the consequent presence of microbial toxins in such products also pose a serious threat to the health of consumers,” officer said.

As such, States and Union Territories are advised to take up special drive on surveillance of milk and milk products like khoa, paneer, dahi, ghee, etc, during the festive season. [H]

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