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MMC to launch prog on garbage segregation awareness in April

Margao: The Margao Municipal Council will launch its garbage segregation awareness programme in April when students will be on holidays as it expects to use the NSS volunteers and social organizations in this exercise as by then the various material ordered by the council will be delivered.

Goa State Urban Development Agency appointed consultant to MMC Gaurav Pokle said the Solid Waste Management Corporation has been asked to dispatch the bins because of which the councilors claimed they cannot visit the residents in their wards to carry on the campaign.

Besides the 25,000 bins ordered to be distributed to each household, stickers, banners and posters that would be used for the awareness campaign are yet to be received by the MMC. Gaurav Pokle while pointing out that posters will be specifically designed to target a select audience.

“As the garbage generated by a small kiosk will be different from that generated by vegetable or chicken vendor, each of them will have to be given posters specifying how to segregate the waste generated at their establishment,” he said and while admitting that the posters are not yet designed, said they would be done this week.

He also urged social groups to adopt any of the zones or areas in the municipal jurisdiction to help and monitor the garbage collection. “More than the municipal workers, third party feedback is more reliable,” he said.

He admitted that though the municipality has set in place a mechanism to collect the segregated garbage the exact model to be adopted in Margao is yet to finalized and that will be done only after the awareness campaign is conducted.

The council has divided the entire area under its jurisdiction into 5 zones with two dedicated vehicles collected the waste from that zone. Each zone is given vehicles with a colour code to help identify the place from where the garbage has come and take remedial measures if anything is found amiss.

Besides the problem of many households and most business establishments not giving segregated waste, MMC is faced with another problem of the 10 black spots identified where people from the neighbouring villages dump their garbage.

Two vehicles are dedicated from 8 am to 11 am every day to only collect the waste dumped at these black spots and the waste is usually from 11 villages around Margao that have restaurants, hotels and other commercial activities. [H]

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