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No power to Ponda, no water to Panjim

Ponda: People of Ponda and Tiswadi are facing power crisis and shortage of water for the past two days.The power crisis in Ponda during the past few years has turned worst affecting smooth water supply to Tiswadi and Ponda Taluka. The crisis often leads to breakdown of OPA Water Treatment Plant from where the water is treated and supplied to these talukas.

According to officials whenever frequent power failure occurs at the Plant it causes back pressure of water leading to pipeline bursts.

Currently power is supplied to the OPA plant through overhead lines. This problem could be solved through underground cabling, said another official.

Among the various reasons for power failures the main cause could be the old conductors, non replacement of old transformers, increasing load on existing lines and transformers due to rising industries and domestic consumers, said a Ponda citizen.

The frequent power failures not only put locals into darkness but also cause losses to shop owners and industries. People are more affected by irregular water supply.

Often the breakdown of pipelines, like the 750 mm dia burst at OPA treatment plant recently, affects the 140 MLD water supply to Tiswadi, Ponda and Dharbandora Taluka. However, despite affecting water supply for a day to two days for several times the government has failed to improve the water crisis. Ponda MLA Ravi Naik blames the government for not spending money to improve electricity in Ponda while rest of Goa is going through underground cabling to improve power supply.

PWD Minister Sudhin Dhavalikar said frequent failures in water supply is not always the problem of PWD but of the Electricity Supply.

“Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had approved financial provision to provide direct supply of power thorough underground electricity cable from nearest Power Substation to the Treatment Plant,” Dhavalikar added.

He said currently Direct 33 KV underground cable laying work from Curti Sub Station to OPA Khandepar Water treatment is going on in full swing and would soon be completed. “CM has approved finance for it. Direct connection will be provided soon to treatment plant at Padoshem, Assonora and to every plant where Power Sub Stations are located in respective talukas which will help to provide continuous power supply,” the PWD Minister claimed.

Assistant Engineer at OPA Sudhir Parab confirmed that OPA treatment plant faces power crisis and frequent power failure causes back pressure in pipeline causing burst of pipelines affecting water supply.

The Curti-Ponda Electricity Deparment Assistant engineer PP Bartan attributes power failure problem due to collapse of trees, roadside coconut palms, falling of coconut trees leading to snapping power lines during rainy season and the stormy wind.

An official at the Curti Sub Station said that currently OPA Water Treatment Plant is getting power supply from overhead wires. Besides, there are alternative lines in case of power failure. But frequent power failures lead to back pressure causing ruptures to pipeline.

He further said OPA water Plant Curti Substation is installing 33 KV underground high tension lines to OPA for its smooth functioning. Almost 80 per cent work on laying underground pipeline is completed. The rest would be completed in few months, he said. [H]

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