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Pineapple Sasav

500 grams pineapple (ripe or semiripe)
100 grams jaggery
120 grams dessicated coconut
5 peppers
2 kashmiri red chilli
10 curry leaves
2 teaspoon oil
4 teaspoon mustard seeds
salt to taste
3-4 tablespoon water
1 tablespoon lime juice(optional)
1 cilantro leaf(optional for garnishing)

1. Cut pineapple to small pieces and marinate with 1 tsp salt and grated jaggery. Keep them separately for 15mins.
2. Grind Chilies, desiccated coconut, pepper in a mixer to a paste.
3. Take 3 tsp mustard seeds in a pan on low flame and cover it till it starts crackling.
4. Add these mustard seeds to the paste and grind it for 10secs, so the mustard is mixed with the paste.
5. In a vessel, add oil and saute 1 tsp mustard seeds and curry leaves for 10 secs
6. Add marinated Pineapple and sprinkle water so that it does not burn. Cook for 10 minutes till the pineapple is soft.
7. Once the pineapple is cooked, add the paste to this and cook for another 10 minutes. Add salt to taste and extra jaggery or lime to make up for tangy taste.

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