Tuesday , November 6 2018
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Provide footpaths on Goan killer roads

It is welcoming to see the PWD roads doing up the MDR-6 in Siolim by extending the width of the road and taking over the shoulder of the road which is meant for laying the underground pipelines, cables and also very important for the poor pedestrian to walk on as a footpath.

We read about many reported road accidents where the poor pedestrian is knocked down by vehicles who zoom around as if they are the rightful owners of the hot mixed asphalted roads in Goa.

My appeal to the concerned Department and Engineers ensure to provide the extended portion as a footpath with interlocking tiles or mark the road with special fluorescent paint for pedestrian use. This road is a very busy road used by all especially the school students and senior citizens who walk to the church, temple and the Bazaar for shopping. It is also accessible for the stray cattle.

Don’t widen the road to give a free licence to kill or injure the poor voiceless pedestrian. Somehow this PWD seems to forget that every road has to have a shoulder or footpath. Achhe din kab ayyega? With CM in-charge, I hope he will look into footpath issues on Goan killer roads. [H]

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