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Savoi Verem locals oppose fencing of ‘comunidade’ land

Ponda: Savoi Verem residents, especially OBC, objected to a private party fencing vast acres of hilly land called “Vadamal” which is used by them for various purposes, including religious rites for a very long time.

They objected to any type of development on this land and even warned of launching an agitation for getting their traditional right on it.
According to Sachhit Palkar and other residents the land was cultivated by their forefathers by growing various monsoon crops, vegetables, besides using the land for cattle grazing. It is also a source of ground water. They opposed any plot development activities in future. The residents are also performing religious rituals once a year. They fear they will lose their right because of fencing.

Sarpanch of Verem Panchayat Satyavan Shilkar said, “We asked the concerned party to keep open the pathway for people towards religious spot for performing their traditional religious activities.” [H]

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