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Sea water enters shacks on the Candolim-Calangute belt

Calangute: On Wednesday, several tourists visiting the Candolim- Calangute beach stretch witnessed rising water from the sea due to the cyclonic storm brewing in the south-west Arabian Sea.This cyclone created an impact on the sea conditions causing the water level to rise at the beaches. Water entered the shacks placed along the Candolim- Calangute belt due to the rough sea condition. There was also a strong wind warning for fisherman over the next four days and the sea would be rough too.

Hence fishermen are asked not to venture into the sea to avoid any untoward incident. The owner of a shack at Candolim, Seby D’souza told Herald that around 80 to 90 % of shacks have been affected due to this incident. Few shacks were flattened due to the water and intensive wind on Tuesday. While some shacks owners claim that the equipment in the shacks have been damaged.

“The water level has risen above the high tide line and entered the shacks on Wednesday between 10.30 am and 1.00 pm. This has affected us and we have faced a lot of damage from this during the high tide. We had to clear everything and be ready for emergency. Every time a cyclone takes place this is the case. It has been predicted that the situation will be the same over the next few days,” he said. Another shack owner, Victor Pereira who also has his shack on Candolim beach pointed out that even last year they faced a similar problem wherein 40 % of shacks were wiped out.

“Somewhere around 11 am on Wednesday we witnessed the water level rising and slowly partly submerging the shacks. Especially the ones situated close the beach were the ones that were affected. No one was allowed to swim and even water sports activities were not carried out. Some shacks placed sand bags at the entrance of the shacks to prevent water from entering inside. We are yet to do a detailed assessment of the financial losses,” told Victor.

A source said that the lifeguards on duty kept warning the tourists not to venture into the sea due to the rough conditions. However no accidents or injuries were reported. Locals fear the level of water may rise again at night or in the following few days and hence there is a panic. It was noticed that the sea water was being pushed towards the shore causing a havoc to the shack owners and tourists. [H]

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