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The power of love is manifold

Tiatr: Omor Mogachi Kanni
Cast: Ulhas Tari, Carmin, Rosario Botelho, Jessica, Dola, Rosario de Benaulim, Willy Silveira, Rons, John D’Silva, Sally, Sandeep Kalangutkar, Aleixin de Morjim, Lorna
Director: Irineu Gonsalves
Band: Senon/Macroy (trumpet), James (keyboard), Franoy (bass), Dafflon (drums)
Story: Mable (Jessica) and Oliver (Ulhas Tari) are madly in love with each. But will their varied backgrounds allow them to unite in marriage?

Review: The story dates back to the 1960s, when travel was restricted to cycles and communication was limited to the post. Mable belongs to an aristocratic family and her parents, Bernardo Albuquerque (Rosario de Benaulim) and Dona Celia (Dola), are Brahmins, who do not mingle with people of lower castes. Oliver, on the other hand, belongs to the fishing community and his parents, Minguel (Rosario Botelho) and Rosalin (Carmin), are hard-working people who toil to make their living.

When Oliver and his parents pay a visit to Bernardo’s palatial house, they are insulted. But Minguel holds no grudge and is willing to forgive and forget everything of the past. But Mable’s parents oppose this relationship and Bernardo forbits the lovers from meeting each other again.

After completing his engineering studies, Oliver becomes a successful airline pilot and brings honour to the country and the state. On return home, he is felicitated in his village by the village sarpanch, in the presence of the parish priest and his mother. After the function, Mable stops by and congratulates Oliver on his great achievement.
Mable then reveals that she is now engaged to Carlos Monteiro (Willy Silveira) and Oliver finds it difficult to digest the truth. He confesses to Mable that he penned countless letters to her, but never received any reply. Mable states that she never received any of Oliver’s letters.

Now, will Carlos understand Oliver and Mable’s true love and step back? Or will he be a hindrance for the couple? How does Bernardo work out a plan to eliminate Oliver? Whose help does he seek? Will he accomplish his mission? Where does the love story end and how?

Irineu Gonsalves’s tiatr, ‘Omor Mogachi Kanni’, has an interesting love story to relate, with parental opposition and the caste system. It also dwells upon Alzheimer’s disease and the lack of medical facilities to tackle the same in Goa. The possibility of its cure has also been highlighted in the concluding scene.

The director has refrained from utilising curtains for scenes of the palatial house, police station, garden, seashore and forest. Instead, he has projected the same on screen using moving visuals to bring in the desired visual effects on stage. Although this experiment was recently tried by one director, this time, it has been presented effectively and efficiently.

In the casting, Ulhas Tari and Jessica stand out as lovebirds and are prompt in body language and dialogue delivery. In dress code, Rosario de Benaulim and Dola display the Brahmin culture, but lag behind in fluency of Portuguese language. Rosario Botelho and Carmin extend good support as fisher-folk and although the former has a double role to play, the latter’s talent is wasted. Willy and Sandeep Kalangutkar have extended good support to the main cast. Rons makes an appearance as PI with ease.
In the comic acts, John D’Silva, Sally, Aleixin de Morjim and Lorna come together for a comical quartet, but fail to entertain much.

In the category of songs, Marcus Vaz, Olga, Rons, Rosario de Benaulim and Shenaya entertain with their solos and Olga and Shenaya receive encores. There’s a duo by Rosario de Benaulim and Marcus Vaz, a duet from Anil and Olga, besides trios from Joaquim, Dola and Rons, Joaquim, Shenaya and Rons. There is a quartet from Carmin, Dola, Lorna and Aleixin de Morjim. [H]

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