Date: May 20,2019
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Tiatr Academy of Goa completes its Councils

The above members met on 27th August 2012 and as per the articles  10(f) & 10(g) of the Constitution of Tiatr Academy of Goa nominated  five institutions and five individuals working in the field of Tiatr.  The Institutions are, Konkani Non-Stop Tiatristanchi Saunstha, Painginn Kala Krida and Saunskrutik Mandal, Canacona, St. Francis  Xavier Cultural Troupe Carmona , Goenchim Kirnnam, Pernem, Young Boys of Tonca, Sports and Cultural Club and individuals  are Smt. Felecidade Preciosa Rebelo , Shri.Elvis Sequeira , Musician Shri.Agnelo Dias , Fr.Ave Maria Afonso and Shri.Lourensso Travasso.   The fully constituted General Council met on 27th August 2012 to elect the Vice-President and the Executive council. There were two  contenders for the post of Vice-President,  Shri  Joe Rose and  Shri. Milagres de Chandor. But for a better sense to prevail, Shri.  Milagres de Chandor withdrew in favour of Shri Joe Rose and Shri Joe  Rose was elected unanimously as the Vice-President of TAG.    The following members were elected on the Executive Council of TAG  Shri. Milagres de Chandor, Shri. William Fernandes, Smt. Felecidad  Preciosa Rebelo, Shri.Lourensso Travasso, Shri. Agostinho Temudo and Shri.Cosma Fernandes, President of Goenchim Kirnnam, Pernem.   Besides the above, the following are the defacto members of the  Councils of TAG: Secretary  Finance, Secretary Art & Culture,  Director Art & Culture and the Member Secretary of Tiatr Academy,  Shri Victor de Sa.  The President, Vice-President and the Council shall hold the term of  office for three years.  (Joel D'souza)