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Transport Dept allows ads on commercial vehicles with conditions

Panjim: The Transport Department has allowed advertisements on commercial vehicles subject to compulsory compliance of various conditions including installation of digital meters with GPS. The advertisements, as per a circular issued by the department on Tuesday, should not cover more than 75 percent of the space on the vehicle.

“Only those motor cabs having digital meters with GPS approved by the State Transport Authority shall be allowed for displaying of advertisements. Affixation of advertisements shall be allowed only on the rear side, right side and left side of the vehicle. The advertising material shall not cover more than 75 percent of the area available on each side. No advertisement or display permitted on front and rear windscreen,” the circular under the category ‘Technical and Safety Standards’ states. The display of advertisements will be permitted only after obtaining permission from the department and valid for five years with renewals on adhering to the guidelines.

Director (Transport) Nikhil Desai said that vehicle owners should also ensure that advertisements do not pose any safety threat to passengers or public at large. The set of conditions also bans displaying reflecting advertisement material as it could obstruct other drivers/motorists.

The department has allowed school buses too for displaying advertisements, however it would be restricted to only social or community themes. “School buses and other buses used to ferry school children shall not be allowed for display of commercial advertisement,” the 6-page circular adds.

In the list of do’s and don’ts, the department has strictly disallowed advertisements promoting sale of alcohol, tobacco or cigarette and related products; political ethnic, religious or sectarian texts, obscene and/or offensive ads, direct or immediate violence to anyone, gambling materials, cruelty to animals, etc.

Desai has warned of action for violating the guidelines stating, “If there are three violations by the permit holder, then the permission for advertisement shall be withdrawn without any notice. The violation of the guidelines and the required standards will also attract penal action as per the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and rules.” [H]

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