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‘Urrack’ in Sanguem taluka soon, at a premium price!

Sanguem: Despite the delay in the cashew season by a fortnight as compared to last year, ‘Urrack’, the first distillate of cashew fermentation, is all set to be made available in Sanguem taluka within a couple of days but at a steep price.According to Anthony Vaz, a local from Dando Sanguem, who is involved in distilling ‘urrack’ and cashew ‘feni’ since past several years,  the brew, which contains about 12-14 percent of alcohol, will be made available at the local bars within a few days, “We have just got enough cashew juice to brew and we shall be producing around 36 bottles of ‘urrack’ for sale in the local market. As compared to last season, Vaz informed that last year by first week of March, there was enough ‘urrack’ available in the local market as the cashew season had commenced by last week of February. However, the delay in the cashew season by almost a fortnight, the availability of ‘urrack’ in large quantities will be delayed  by a week.
Earlier, by this time of the year, we used to distil around 400 to 500 bottles of ‘urrack’. Further, the price of ‘urrack’ is also set witness as steep hike in the first few days.Josinho D’Costa, an agriculturist from Molcornem informed that the first ‘urrack’ brewed at his distillery will be sold at Rs 2000 for 18 bottles as compared to Rs 1000 during the last season. At present with no ‘urrack’ available in the local market, the local customers will have to pay a premium price to buy the same, he claimed.Marcus Mascarenhas, a bar owner from Sanguem admitted the availability of the  urrack has been delayed by a fortnight. He informed that last year by February-end,  ‘urrack’ was available abundantly in the local market. However, this year, ‘urrack’ is yet to make a comeback. However, Mascarenhas was optimistic of getting  small quantity of ‘urrack’ by Monday evening but at a steep price. A local distiller is claimed to have assured Mascarenhas of the supply of ‘urrack’ at Rs 1800 for 18 bottles, which is almost double as compared to last year.The delay in ‘urrack’ production is basically on account of delay in the cashew season.In 2016, though the cashew season began in full swing by February-end, this year on account of seasonal change and low cashew yield, the extraction of cashew juice has been delayed, which has hit ‘urrack’ production. The supply of ‘urrack’ will however become regular by another 15 days, informed Carlito Martins, a cashew ‘feni’ distiller from Uguem. [H]

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