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Vaalor: Inspiration is in the air for Konkani cinema

When you look at wonderful Konkani movies like Juze,Nachom-ia- Kumpasar, Amizaade, O Maria, Home sweet Home, K Sera Sera and the latest ones ‘Questao de Confusao’, FAKE and now Kantaar they all have played a major role in bringing a diverse culture along with fun and meaningful expression in Konkani Cinema. Over the years, the industry has changed drastically bringing positive outcomes with the number of good stories and plots coming from new Konkani writers.
When a film like Amizade broke the record of many Bollywood films, most people of Goa and even Maharashtra took notice. “The technique is simple, all you have to do is add a bit of masala people often look out for- action, drama, groovy music, and great plotline.”, says Aniket Naik, Director Amizade

What Has Changed?

Cinema is a slice of life that everyone has a right to partake in. In the present scenario, Konkani films have built diversity. Earlier there was a gap between the communities where people assumed only Catholics to watch Konkani films and the Hindu community watching the Marathi serials. But today a number of people enjoy the diversity of what Konkani films has brought to the world.

Technically, the development of Konkani Cinema began as a trend after Nachom-ia- Kumpasar.

Dr Meenacshi Martins, a Psychiatrist and Actress felt that Nachom-ia- Kumpasar ( a movie she acted in) was a class apart and drew audiences for its grandiosity and music. With the artistic power of the film and some of the best music it provided, the audience paved a new direction for the filmmakers.

Lately, film festivals and the grants that the Government provides encourage new comers to make films. There’s something else that has changed. Earlier people watched Konkani films only during those film festivals, but things have changed in the these years especially with a movie like Amizade and ‘Questao de Confusao’ , which increased the attention bandwith to larger and more diverse audiences, with humour as an added spice.

Writer cum Producer of Questao de Confusao, Suchitra Narvekar understands the likes and dislikes of the audience in today’s world. She strives to target the youth with something humorous. She also describes how Konkani films were earlier known to be more theatrical diverting the minds of individuals’ into thinking that Konkani films are boring.

“We cannot take Konkani cinema lightly, people always thought Konkani films are like tiatr, but with some of the new contemporary films that have come out including mine, I believe people are not looking at Konkani films as tiatr in a different form”

Movies are being produced and filmed better. The movie Fake has shown some striking cinematography talent which made the movie a super-hit. Apart from the script the cinematography drives the entire power of Konkani films and touched many in and around Goa.

Janet Noronha, the Producer of Kantaar, with Jackie Shroff in the lead role, says “Like in any other main stream film industries, we too need to experiment with various genres. The success of KANTAAR is widening the horizons for both Konkani film makers as well as the audience”.

Breaking The Records– Culturally, financially and artistically, Konkani cinema has exploded. A film like O Maria celebrated its Silver Jubilee and ran for 29 weeks at INOX and Osia in 2010 – 2011, while Antarnaad won four National awards and was houseful for months in Maharashtra in its Marathi version called Sanvli. This is a rare feat for a Cinema in this age, points out Dr Meenacshi Martins

She explains, “People came to watch the films in buses from all over Goa, but all the same, there are transportation limitations. In remote areas of Eastern Goa, very few people had heard of the films. Those who knew about the films had no means to come to the cities to watch them.” She opined that road shows and screenings in interiors of Goa could attract more people towards Konkani Cinema.

Dattaprasad Shetkar, a brand consultant, who was part of the team promoting the film Nosha and ‘K Sera Sera’ said filmmakers in Goa have learnt the technique of releasing a Konkani film in the theater, other like ESG and Ravindra Bhavan. He also said that the younger generation is being inspired to deliver new scripts and ideas for entertainment in Konkani film industry.

Meanwhile Director Aniket Naik, expresses the need for promotion first in Goa itself, as Goa is a small state. “When the entire crowd of Goa soaks completely into the charisma of the films being made, the word will automatically spread everywhere, thereby increasing demands for films to travel abroad.”

Konkani Cinema Across The Seas– Cinema is not language bound. When a film has a good plot, it thrives. Goan Diasporas have been supporting Konkani cinema. All Konkani speaking communities, in India or abroad would energetically enjoy viewing the films on media portals online.

“The producers need to put their films out there to the world. There is such a big audience in the world that loves regional cinema, its ethos and cultural significance. Many people search for ‘Enemy?’ on line and call me for the link. O Maria is available on YouTube, but other films are not, so why not include them as well?” ,asks Martins

“The film K Sera Sera gained some serious attention and was screened in different countries. There was a bountiful reaction from the people who like exploring Konkani Cinema,” said Shetkar

With a lot happening in the niche industry, Konkani films are now on the verge of witnessing a Golden era in years of Cinema. [H]

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